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  1. Make sure the store is clean inside and out, including parking lot, restrooms, aisles, cooler, office, deli, counters, floors, walls, ceiling, everything! All cooler items displaying face forward with the brand showing.
  2. Match excel day report to POS report. Make sure POS report was correctly inputted on the Excel Daily Sheet.
    A. Make sure all department sales are correct.
    B. Make sure deposit amounts are correct for each account (gas, grocery, western union)
    C. Make sure all reports have been taken out: POS, Lotto, Fuel Inventory, and Western Union.
    D. Send pics of all reports via WhatsApp
  3. Perform the SSCS books and make sure the SSCS reports are showing the correct figures for all departments.
  4. Keep the Fuel Inventory sheet updated daily.
  5. Input all deliveries properly into system including, lotto scratch, fuel bill of lading (including correct purchase price), expenses, and all vendors. Send all invoices to
  6. All schedules needed to be completed by Friday for the following week.
  7. There is no overlapping.
  8. Make sure vendors are not slamming us with extra products. Pay close attention when doing inventory with vendors.
  9. Managers and all other store employees are not permitted to play lottery, lotto scratch tickets, or amusement games at the location in which they work, and that this applies when they are on and when they are off the clock. All of the above Daily Store Manager Duties have already been previously explained to all store managers. This is a reminder for all managers.

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Job Category: Manager Supervisor
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Houston TX

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